Referral for Private Urology Treatment Birmingham

Referrals for Private Urology Treatment

Referral from your doctor or other health professionals

Urgent referral for suspected urological cancer Refer men using a suspected cancer pathway Urology referral assessment of Haematuria Referring via e-Referral

Prostate Cancer Referrals.

Prostate Cancer Treatments

To obtain an appointment with Mr Haider Syed Senior Consultant Urological Surgeon you may need a referral letter from a GP, Specialist or other relevant medical specialist.

GP Referrals for suspected stones

Acute presentation with significant pain?

Most patients with a stone have at least a trace of blood in their urine but up to 10% of patients with a stone may not.

Insurance Referrals Kidney Stone Treatment

Shock wave lithotripsy?

Shock wave lithotripsy Kidney Stone Treatment is a noninvasive following the procedure, the kidney stones should be small enough to pass out of your patients body in the urine

Haematuria Referrals

Unexplained visible haematuria without urinary tract infection?

Visible haematuria that persists or recurs after successful treatment of urinary tract infection

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