Hydrocele repair Birmingham Near Me

Hydrocele repair Birmingham

Hydrocoele repair requires the drainage of your fluid collection surrounding the testicle, along with repair of your defect within the fluid sac around the testicle to avoid even further buildup of fluid.

Exactly how is Hydrocoele Repair carried out?

Under a general anaesthetic, a cut is made in the scrotum and the fluid is drained. The sac of the hydrocoele is sometimes tied upon itself or perhaps flipped inside-out in order to prevent recurrence. after any bleeding points are cauterised, the incision will be closed with absorbable stitching.

Epididymal cyst removal
Hydrocoele Repair

Birmingham Hydrocoele Repair Why is it done?

To alleviate the problematic symtpoms of a hydrocoele, including pain, discomfort, awkwardness plus complications with particular physical activities, or even embarassment as a result of obvious bloating through clothes.

Following the operation for Hydrocoele.

Once in a while there could be a recurrence connected with fluid collection ( in around 5%), a Blood collection surrounding testes which resolves slowly (hameatoma), and Feasible an infection within the skin wound or testis, needing additional treatment.

What are the actual possible difficulties after Hydrocoele Repair

Following your operation, you will spend a period of time within the recuperation area. You should be able to return home after you have passed urine and have absolutely completely recovered from your anaesthetic (ie daycase procedure). there will be a local anaesthetic block within the scrotal region meaning that things are going to be generally ‘numb’ for upwards of Six hours, and occasionally into the next day.

Operation Hydrocoele Repair

What should I do following my procedure and when can I go back to work/resume normal activities?
You will not be able to drive for 24 hours after your anaesthetic, so you will need someone to come and collect you. You can resume most normal activities the following day but we would recommend that you do not drive your car for 2 days and refrain from sporting activities for 2 weeks.

The stitches will dissolve in time. You may find it more comfortable to wear brief underpants to support the scrotum rather than boxer shorts.

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