Urology Patient Testimonials

Feedback on my treatment for urinary stone treatment. I was very pleased with the treatment both before and after op. Everyone involved was very helpful and caring which made me feel comfortable and relaxed about the whole procedure. The relief from all the pain was wonderful. Thank you all.
Mr Syed has written to me asking for feedback on my recent operation. I can advise that I found the process of the consultation, tests and operation itself wholly satisfactory in all respects. The care and professionalism were excellent.

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“Mr Syed is an exceptionally dedicated consultant who provides high quality care. He is extremely conscientious and this may be to the detriment of his own personal happiness. As a consultant colleague, I would be happy for him to treat my family.”

“Haider is a very hardworking and diligent colleague. He goes the extra mile for his patients.

He needs to look after himself too.”

“Mr Syed is thoroughly conscientious and continually updates his skills, attending courses and workshops throughout the year.

He teaches medical students on a weekly basis and is always available for advice from junior staff and colleagues. His spoken English is very concise and he has always spoken to me respectfully.”

“I consider myself so lucky to work with Mr Syed as his registrar as I am learning from him technically & scientifically , he gives me all the chance to operate independently under his excellent supervision , offering me continued support.”

“Mr Syed is a very professional, caring individual.”

“Mr Syed is one of the supportive and decent consultants who is always there to offer help, he is also quite keen on teaching you every single step and explain tips and tricks whenever possible.”

“Very dedicated and hard-working surgeon, provides an excellent specialist service. Assesses patients thoroughly, and always keen to do the best for his patients. Appreciates and respects the contribution of other team members.”

“Haider is a diligent individual who strives to gain good outcomes for his surgical patients. He is always contactable to discuss cases.”

“Mr Syed is professional at all times and very compassionate, conscientious always listens to his patients concerns and respects their dignity.”

“Mr Syed is a pleasant person to work with and an excellent urological surgeon with patient care and safety his paramount interest.”

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“I felt very well looked after in a kind + considerate manner. Communication + explanation excellent.”

Mr Haider Syed

“Mr Syed was fantastic. Feel lucky to have had him as my consultant. He is a great credit to Little Aston.”


“Very polite and professional consultation. The consultant was knowledgable and respectable manner.”




“Very professional / knowledgable / thorough Thank you.”

“Excellent; Informative, and Listened to me.”

“Polite and considerate. Didn’t feel rushed.”



Mr Haider

"I was referred to Mr. Syed in March of this year and at the initial consultation we reviewed the results of a CT scan, which had identified a large stone in my left kidney. It was quickly established that the stone needed to be surgically removed and Mr Syed recommended that a PCNL procedure should be used. After discussing the detail of the procedure with Mr. Syed it was clear that he and his team had considerable specialist experience of this procedure and I felt very reassured that whist I would undergo major surgery the procedure offered far less trauma than other surgical options and I agreed to proceed with the procedure. The operation went well and Mr. Syed and his team were extremely professional, capable and reassuring throughout and I would have no hesitation in recommending the PCNL procedure and Mr. Syed and his extremely competent team to anyone finding themselves in the situation of having to consider the treatment of a large kidney stone."
Ian Good
In my case having never experienced any serious medical care in all my 78 years, I had not been made aware of the 'modern' way of dealing with the treatment of kidney stones, and approached the event with some trepidation, however I was overawed by the care and attention that I received at Little Aston and to my benefit any nerves that would normally have been experienced were soon lost. The most important chapter of my visits was the attention, extreme interest and care I received from yourself and your staff, their expertise ensured that my recovery was rapid and relatively painless. To sum up the whole treatment I received was '1st Class Plus'!
Antony Palmer
Harlaston Post Office
First time I had a kidney stone and it happened to be 7mm long. The excruciating pain started in Turkey while I was on holiday, for 5 days in a private hospital various Dr's tried few techniques but failed and I had completely lost hope because I had an operation, shockwave treatment and nothing worked. After flying back with high doses of pain killers I was sent to Little Aston Hospital by my GP to see Dr Syed following my request to see a specialist in the field. A series of simple examinations and an X ray was done and Dr Syed explained exactly what the problem was, how complicated it had become and what the solution would be. Under general anaesthetic Dr Syed managed to breakup the stone and extract every single bit of that calcium oxalate stone with a bendy telescope. Following the operation Dr Syed came to check on me in recovery room and showed me the stone that had been killing me over the past few weeks. I was in and out in a day and seven days later following the operation under local anaesthetic the tube that was put in there to prevent inflammation as a precaution was removed, the process took 10 minutes. I am very grateful and fortunate to have had one of the best surgeons in the Urological field looking after me. A great Hospital and a great team deserves nothing less than a great Doctor. I would recommend Dr Syed's first class care, professionalism and iconic knowledge to anyone who simply wants the best of the best.
Amir Sami
' I recently underwent a resection of a bladder tumour under the care of Mr Syed at Spire Little Aston Hospital. I would like to say that right from the first consultation Mr Syed installed me with confidence, as he not only explained matters by way of a clear illustration, but also enthused confidence as to how the procedure would take place and what I could expect afterwards by way of recovery. Mr Syed saw me both before and after the procedure, when he showed great humility and my follow up appointment was dealt with in a confident, yet relaxed manner. I have great confidence in Mr Syed's abilities and experience in dealing with what is an unusual situation for any patient to find themselves in. I would not hesitate to recommend Mr Syed or the facilities at the Spire to any of my contemporaries.'
Paul Harris
Head of Insolvency and Restructuring Keelys LLP Solicitors.
Mr Haider Syed Consultant Urological Surgeon

Urological Surgeon

Senior Consultant Urological Surgeon Working at Spire Little Aston Hospital, Sutton Coldfield, near Birmingham for last since 2005.

Graduated as a doctor in 1984 and have been working in the NHS for over 30 years. I started my Urology career in 1991 and completed training at the John Radcliffe and Churchill Hospital, Oxford in 2000.