Haematuria ยท Blood in the urine

Haematuria Treatments

Blood in the urine is known as haematuria.

  • Visible haematuria also called gross or frank haematuria where the blood is visible to the naked eye in the urine.
  • Non-visible haematuria also called microscopic or dipstick positive haematuria which is commonly picked up when your doctor checks your urine.

Causes of haematuria

  • Urinary infection
  • Kidney, ureter or bladder stones
  • Bleeding from the prostate
  • Cancer of the kidney, bladder or prostate
Causes of haematuria

Why I need investigation?

Blood should not normally appear in the urine. The presence of blood therefore means that there could be a problem in any part of the urinary tract from kidney, ureter, bladder, prostate gland or urethra. It is important that you get proper investigation for passage of blood in the urine in order to rule out any serious pathology like cancer in your urinary tract.


You will be seen by Mr Syed who will ask you about the history of your symptoms. A detailed examination of abdomen and Prostate in men will be carried out. Investigations will include the following.

Ultrasound or CT scan

The purpose of these scans is to get a detailed imaging of your kidneys, ureter and bladder area to pick up any abnormality.

Urine Test

You need to pass a small amount of urine into a sterile pot which is checked for infection or presence of any cancer cells.

Blood Tests

You may be required to give a blood sample to check your full blood count, kidney function and PSA in a man over the age of 40

Flexible Cystoscopy

Flexible Cystoscopy

A fine tube containing a telescopic camera is passed down the water pipe to examine the inside of the bladder. The procedure is carried out after putting local anaesthetic gel into the water pipe before the procedure.

Follow up

Once all these investigations have been carried out Mr Syed will explain the results to you. Any further investigation or treatment would be only required if there is any positive finding. In order to book an urgent appointment please contact the following:

Melanie Bryant, Medical Secretary 0121 580 7405 or
Outpatient appointments 0121 580 7151